Welcome to PBR.ONE (beta) #

I’m Lennart and over the past 3 years I have published more than 1000 materials for PBR rendering on ambientCG.com (formerly cc0textures.com). While doing this I noticed that - apart from Substance Designer tutorials - creating PBR materials from scratch is not covered by very many tutorials online in comparison to other fields like modeling or texturing. And the existing tutorials often focus on 1-click solutions which are fast, but don’t always create great results.

PBR.ONE aims to change this. I plan to document the workflows and techniques that I use when creating the assets for ambientCG on this website. All articles are listed in the sidebar.

The state of this website #

This website will grow over time. At the moment does not have all the information that I want to ultimately publish on here. Planned for the future are (among other things):

Overview over the different sections #

Here is a short overview of what you can expect in the individual sections.

Contact/Privacy Policy (Impressum/Datenschutzerklärung)